Library: FTP support (OMFTP)
Include: omftp.xin

define external function FTPConnectionClose
           value FTPConnection this-FTPConnection

Argument definitions

is an OMX component of type FTPConnection


This function closes the connection to the FTP server. If a source or an output object is active when this function is closed, the source/string sink function is closed as well. For the source, it does not mean that OmniMark will not match any more data, since it may already have some data buffered. It does mean that no more data will be read from the server. For the output object, the connection will be closed, but if it is attached to a stream, the stream will still be open. Sending data to an open stream with a closed output attachment will put the FTP connection in error.

To use this function, you must include the following line near the start of your program:

  include "omftp.xin"


  ; close the FTP connection
  include "omftp.xin"
     FTPConnectionClose MyCon