data type

Library: Database access (OMDB)
Import : omdb.xmd


The db.statement data type is used to receive the compiled SQL statement from db.compile-statement. Through this data type, the same SQL statement may be executed multiple times without the need to compile the statement at every execution. For some programs, this reduction in processing overhead can be significant.

Usage Notes

To create a db.statement, use the db.compile-statement function. The resulting data type is a link to the compiled SQL statement. The statement can then be executed either by calling the db.execute function or by calling the db.streaming-execute function. All placeholder values must be specified at this time. If the statement is a query, the query results are retrieved through a db.field shelf. When you have finished using the statement, you can use db.discard to release the resources used by the db.statement data type.

Please refer to Opaque Data Types for a general description of opaque data types and how they are used.

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The functions

are used to establish and discard db.statement components. The db.statement objects are used by the following OMDB library functions:

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