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Library: XSLT support (OMXSLT)
Import : omxslt.xmd


The xslt.stylesheet data type encapsulates an XSLT stylesheet. Once a instance of the xslt.stylesheet data type has been created, it can be used to transform input data.

In practice, it is not necessary to directly manipulate shelves of type xslt.stylesheet: OmniMark will convert a string representation of an XSLT stylesheet into the correct representation when it is required.


By declaring a shelf of type xslt.stylesheet and using it when applying a stylesheet to multiple sets of input data, you can avoid having to recompile the stylesheet for every iteration.

  import "omxslt.xmd" prefixed by xslt.
     local xslt.stylesheet stylesheet initial { xslt.compile file "stylesheet1.xsl" }
     repeat over #args as file-name
        do xml-parse scan xslt.reader with stylesheet from file file-name
  element #implied

Usage Notes

Within your program, you can create as many instances of the xslt.stylesheet data type as you require by declaring global, local, or field shelves of type xslt.stylesheet. To use the xslt.stylesheet opaque data type in your program, you must import OMXSLT into your program using an import declaration such as:

  import "omxslt.xmd" prefixed by xslt.

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