Bessel functions (OMBESSEL)

The Bessel function library is a collection of Bessel functions based on the C math library. It augments the floating point library. You can use the functions in this library to write OmniMark applications that can execute Bessel functions.

The Bessel function library consists of the following files:

  • (for UNIX) or omfloat.dll (for Windows), the floating point library.
  • ombessel.xmd, which defines all of the functions and constants in the library. This file must be imported in any OmniMark program that uses the functions in the Bessel function library (import ombessel.xmd unprefixed).

Importing the ombessel.xmd module does not automatically also import the floating point module. They both have to be imported.

To use ombessel, you must import it into your program using statements like this:

  import "ombessel.xmd" unprefixed
  import "omfloat.xmd" unprefixed

(Please see the import topic for more on importing.)