Buffers (OMIOBUF)

The OMIOBUF library provides an external buffering mechanism. OmniMark programmers can use this library when they need to have control over releasing the memory used to buffer data.

This library contains one opaque data type implementation, one OmniMark external source function and one OmniMark external output function implementation, as follows:

  • buffer: an opaque data type that is written to and read from the following two functions:
  • writer: an external output function that writes data to the buffer passed to it.
  • reader: an external source function that reads the data previously written to the buffer passed to it.

Usage Note

To use omiobuf, you must import it into your program using a statement like this:

  import "omiobuf.xmd" prefixed by io.

(Please see the import topic for more on importing.)