OmniMark ActiveX VM

About OmniMark ActiveX VM

OmniMark ActiveX VM is an encapsulation of the OmniMark run-time as an ActiveX component. OmniMark ActiveX VM is packaged as part of OmniMark Concurrent Processing Engine, OmniMark Single Processing Engine, and OmniMark Studio for Eclipse.

You can write and compile OmniMark programs using OmniMark Studio for Eclipse, or use OmniMark Desktop Compiler or OmniMark Batch Compiler to compile. OmniMark Studio for Eclipse, OmniMark Desktop Compiler and OmniMark Batch Compiler can compile OmniMark source code into byte code which is executed by OmniMark ActiveX VM. Compiled OmniMark programs have the extension .xvc. .xvc files are platform-independent: that is, they can be run by OmniMark ActiveX VM on all supported platforms.

Installing and Configuring OmniMark ActiveX VM

You install OmniMark ActiveX VM by running the OmniMark installer. When prompted for the type of installation, choose a custom installation: you will then be able to check the optional OmniMark ActiveX VM component along with other selections. You will be guided through the installation and licensing process.

External Function Libraries

OmniMark ships with a number of external function libraries. Your OmniMark programs can call functions in these libraries. You can also write your own external function libraries or obtain them from third parties.

When searching for external function libraries, OmniMark ActiveX VM searches in the following order:

  1. the current directory,
  2. all directories specified by the external function list property, asset using the setExternalFunctionLibraryPaths ().

Running OmniMark ActiveX VM

To build a program that uses the OmniMark ActiveX VM,

  • using a suitable development environment that supports ActiveX such as Visual C++ or Visual Basic, write a program which creates an instance of the OmniMark ActiveX VM control, which is contained in the OmniMarkVM 1.0 type library,
  • set the CompiledProgramFileName property to point at a .xvc file,
  • set any other properties on the OmniMark ActiveX VM control that you wish to set, and
  • invoke the Run () method.

OmniMark ActiveX VM Properties and Methods

For a description of the properties and methods of OmniMark ActiveX VM, see the etr77.rtf document in the OmniMark ActiveX VM installation directory.