save-clear  shelf-name


The equivalent of a save declaration followed immediately by a clear action. After a save-clear saves the shelf, it clears the copy it made.

If the current contents of the saved shelf are not required in the local scope that performed the save, then save-clear can be used instead. The only difference is that after save-clear saves the shelf it clears the copy.

Because the size of the shelf is changed using a save-clear declaration, it may only be used on shelves that are declared to be variable. save-clear declarations may not have attached conditions. Unlike the save declaration, when save-clear is applied to stream shelves, there are no restrictions on what the items may be attached to.

If a number of save-clear declarations occur consecutively, the keyword save-clear may be replaced with either and or the "&" operator. This form is deprecated, since it does not enhance readability.

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