set referent


set referent string-expression to string-expression


Sets the value of a specified referent.

The first string-expression contains the name of the referent, and the second is the value to store in that referent.

This is an example of using set referent to open a stream, attach that stream to a referent, write text to that stream, and close the stream.

In this example, the values of cross-references are mapped to particular "sec1" and "sub-sec1" titles. The referents are called "sec-1" and "sec-2", and so on, in order of their appearance. Referring to a referent named "sec-n" ("n" here represents a numeric value) produces its associated title.

  element title when parent is chapter
     local stream content
     set content to "Chapter %d(chapter-number): %c%n"
     output content
     set referent (attribute id of parent) to content

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