Streams: changing modifiers on #process-output and #error

The #process-output and #error streams are always open, and cannot be closed or discarded. They can only be reopened to change their modifiers. reopen cannot specify a stream attachment when applied to either of these streams. The following restrictions apply to open modifiers specified in the reopen action:

The following examples demonstrate different cases of reopening #process-output:

  1. reopen #process-output
  2. reopen #process-output with binary 2
  3. reopen #process-output with "us"
  4. reopen #process-output with ("l" & binary 0)

The first example does nothing at all. The second is used to change the default binary-output modifier on #process-output. The third changes the element content modifiers. The fourth changes both the element content modifiers and binary ordering. The two modifiers may appear in any order.

The h and z element content modifiers are always on, so line breaking rules and translate rules are never applied to text written to #process-output or #error. By default, no case conversion or stripping is done on element content, and the binary output value is either the value specified in the binary-output declaration if given, or zero (0) otherwise.

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