Security considerations

OmniMark runs with user level privileges, and OmniMark programs, like programs written in any other general purpose programming language, have the capability to interact with their environment through a number of features including:

  • the system-call action, which causes other programs to run at the same privilege level as OmniMark,
  • actions and expressions which read and/or write files,
  • file tests,
  • external function libraries shipped with OmniMark, including OMVFS, OMFTP, OMTCP, OMSYSOUT, and OMPROCESS, and
  • external function libraries written by third parties.
All these features allow programmers to write programs that could compromise the security of your system. OmniMark programs, or child programs called by OmniMark, may be able to copy, delete, rewrite, or transmit files, including system files. You should take the appropriate precautions to ensure the security of your systems is not compromised.

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