Temporary file locations

OmniMark may create temporary files while your program is running. In particular, temporary files are created when you use referents.

If you are processing very large amounts of data and using referents, OmniMark's temporary files may require space up to double the size of your input file.

You can control where OmniMark creates its temporary files. You may do this for one of the following reasons:

  • to ensure that the temporary file is created on a drive with sufficient available space,
  • to improve performance by placing the temporary file on a different drive from the data file, and
  • to allow your program to run in situations where it does not have write permission to the default temporary file location

OmniMark searches for a path name to use to create its temporary files in the following order:

  • the -tempfx command-line option, if specified,
  • the value specified at installation-time if running on Windows,
  • the OMNIMARK_TEMPPFX environment variable, if it exists, and
  • the current directory.