Financial calculation

You can perform financial calculations in OmniMark using the BCD data type to represent monetary values and fractional numbers such as tax rates. Unlike floating point numbers, BCD numbers provide accurate fractions for financial calculations.

The following code sample shows basic financial calculations using BCD numbers.

  import "ombcd.xmd" unprefixed
      local integer quantity
      local bcd     price
      local bcd     tax-rate
      local bcd     total
      set quantity to 28
      set price    to 19.95
      set tax-rate to 0.07
      set total    to price * quantity * (1 + tax-rate)
      output "<$,NNZ.ZZ>" % total || "%n"

The format string <$,NNZ.ZZ> uses the BCD template language to create an output string with a leading $, commas separating digits into groups of three, and two digits after the decimal point.