The current set of modifiers is invalid.

#3002   Compile-time error or run-time catchable error

The current set of modifiers is invalid.

Additional Information

Modifiers 'X' and 'Y' cannot appear together with format item 'Z'.
Modifier 'X' cannot appear without modifier 'Y' in the current format item.


Compilation continues but no compiled source code file will be saved.


The u and l modifiers may never appear with the same format item. The e, p, or ep, may not appear together with any other modifiers, unless they are combined with the o modifier. No combination of the e, p, and o modifiers may be combined with any of the s, z, and h modifiers. For the %d item, the s modifier requires a scale factor, the z modifier requires f, k requires f, and both u and l require r, where the specified radix is greater than 10.