Syntax Error.

#3023   Compile-time error or run-time catchable error

Syntax Error.

Additional Information

Expecting X, but received Y.
Expecting a simple pattern, but received a complex pattern.
    When the compiler complains that a pattern is too complex, the pattern should be placed inside parentheses.
ul does not apply to the X pattern.
    where X is any of the predefined character classes: any, any-text, blank, digit, lc, letter, space, or uc.
Can't refer to X outside a repeat over block.
    where X is either #item, #first, or #last.


Compilation continues but no compiled source code file will be saved.


The entered text does not conform to the syntax of the OmniMark language. These are the most common messages that occur under this heading, but there are many more in OmniMark that are presumably self-explanatory.