Library: FTP support (OMFTP)
Include: omftp.xin

Returns: An external source object.

define external string source function FTPConnectionRemoteInputFile
                        value FTPConnection this-FTPConnection
                 file   value string remote-filename

Argument definitions

is an OMX component of type FTPConnection.
is the name of the file you want to read on the server.


This is an external string source function for reading a remote file on an FTP server. The FTP connection is locked during the lifetime of this source. Any library call that uses the connection will signal an exception while the source is active. Error inquiry functions and the close functions are exceptions and are allowed while the source is active.

To use this function, you must include the following line near the start of your program:

  include "omftp.xin"


  ; read a remote file and put it to #current-output
  output FTPConnectionRemoteInputFile MyCon file "test.dat"

  ; submit a remote file to a set of rules that count letters
  set lc to 0  ; this is a global integer declared earlier
  using group lcount submit FTPConnectionRemoteInputFile MyCon file "test.dat"
  output "Letter-count = %d(lc)%n"