next group is


next group is group-name (& group-name)*


An action that changes the currently active set of groups to the ones specified. next group is deactivates the currently active set of groups, and activates the specified ones. The #implied group is always active, and cannot be deactivated using next group is.

If the only group named in the next group is action is #implied, then all other groups are deactivated. The #implied group cannot be combined with other groups in next group is actions; to do so would have no effect.

You should always use using group in preference to next group is wherever your program logic will permit it. This makes the order and scope of group changes much more explicit.

Do not use next group is in a function that is called from within a rule header. Besides leading to unreadable code, the behavior of this construction is not guaranteed consistent from one version of OmniMark to the next.

The list of group names may be placed in parentheses to improve readability.

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