replacement-break character string condition?

Argument definitions

A single character expressed as a quoted string.
The replacing string.
An optional condition.


Used to specify a character that OmniMark can replace with specified line-break text. Used in conjunction with break-width.

Typically, you will choose a space, specified as "%_", as the single replacement character.

When your OmniMark program is using an SGML or XML document instance and is processing PCDATA not controlled by the "h" modifier, OmniMark will replace the character with the line-break text you provided when you used replacement-break. Otherwise, you must insert the "%/" format character in front of the replacement character to indicate where OmniMark can break the line.

If the character specified in replacement-break is a space, the break will only occur after a word. If you set break-width to 30, and there are spaces at positions 27 and 32 in the first line, OmniMark will break the line after position 26, delete the space at position 27, and start the next line with the next word.

The replacement-break rule and insertion string can contain only static text, and must contain at least one end-of-line sequence.

An OmniMark program can have any number of replacement-break rules. However, the conditions must ensure that only one declaration for a given character is valid at any time.

The condition on a replacement-break rule can't contain function calls.

Note that if you apply line breaking to a stream that has referents allowed, the referents will be resolved after the line breaking has been applied, which may result in changes to line lengths.

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