built-in shelf


A built-in shelf containing the arguments passed to your OmniMark program. You can pass arguments to your OmniMark program on the command line of the OmniMark Engine or by setting the appropriate project options in OmniMark Studio for Eclipse.

OmniMark reserves all tokens starting with a single hyphen (but not two hyphens) for passing options to the OmniMark Engine. Any other token, or a token starting with -- (two hyphens), is treated as an argument to the OmniMark program.

The #args shelf contains only the command-line arguments, not the OmniMark Engine options.

If your command line contains the arguments:

  input.txt output.txt

you can access these arguments as follows:

     using output as file #args[2]
        submit file #args[1]

#command-line-names is a deprecated synonym for #args.

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