open element

element qualifier

open element namespace-modifier? (element-name | element-name-list) (of element-expression)?


The element qualifier open element selects the current element or one of its ancestors using element-name, or by using the first name in element-name-list that matches the current element or one of its ancestors. If there is more than one opened element with the same name in the element stack of the currently-active parse, it will always refer to the innermost one.

For example, in the following XML fragment, when parsing the innermost title element,

      <title>First Chapter</title>
      <p>Introduction paragraph</p>
      <section id="S01.01">
        <title>First Section</title>
        <section id="S01.01.01">
          <title>Nested Section</title>

open element can refer to elements title, section, chapter, or manual. Additionally, when parsing the innermost title, the expression attribute "id" of open element "section" would evaluate to S01.01.01.