Bessel functions (OMBESSEL legacy)

The Bessel function library is a collection of Bessel functions based on the C math library. It serves as a "wrapper" around a particular math library. You can use the functions in this library to write OmniMark applications that can execute Bessel functions.

The Bessel function library consists of the following files:

  • (for UNIX) or omfloat.dll (for Windows), the floating point library.
  •, which defines the float opaque type and all of the functions and constants in the library. This file must be included in any OmniMark program that uses the functions in the floating point library (include because the file contains the external function declarations, the float type definition, and related macros.

To use these functions, you must include the following code near the top of your program:

  ; Floating point function and constant declarations
  include ""