Utilities (OMUTIL legacy)

The system utilities external function library is a set of OmniMark functions that provide miscellaneous services that are not provided in the other OmniMark external function libraries.

This external function library includes the following files:

  • omutil.so -- the utility external function shared library for UNIX operating systems
  • omutil.dll -- the utility external function dynamic link library for Windows operating systems
  • omutil.xin -- the include file that contains the function declarations

This library also contains a suite of sorting functions that allow you to sort items of a shelf by item or by key:

  • UTIL_SortIntegersByKey
  • UTIL_SortIntegersByValue
  • UTIL_SortStreamsByKey
  • UTIL_SortStreamsByValue
  • UTIL_SortSwitchesByKey

In order to use these functions you must include the following code near the beginning of your program:

  ; system utilities function and constant declarations
  include "omutil.xin"