File system utilities (OMFSYS legacy)

The omfsys library has been deprecated and will be removed from a future version of the language. Use omvfs instead.

The file system utilities library is a collection of OmniMark external functions. This external function library provides easy, efficient, and portable access to files and directories from within an OmniMark program. The functions provide the ability to move between directories, change file and directory attributes, and retrieve file and directory information.

This library implements a subset of the POSIX file system interface. Most operating systems comply, though some systems do provide a richer set of error codes than the standard specifies. We cannot document all possible error codes for all possible operating systems, so we advise programmers to add an else clause to their error handling code to handle these codes.

The Windows file system is not based on POSIX. As a result, this platform does not support the following functions: FS_ChangeOwner, FS_Rename, and FS_Link, and works only in limited scope with FS_ChangePermissions.

The file system utilities external function library requires OmniMark 4.0 or later. As well, the following line must be included at the beginning of the OmniMark program:

  include ""