Library: Database access (OMDB)
Import : omdb.xmd

Returns: A db.database object for the opened database connection.

export external database function
   open-oci11g          value string database-name
                   user value string user-name optional initial { "" }
               password value string password  optional initial { "" }


Argument definitions

is the name of the Oracle database to which you want to connect.
is the user name that will be supplied to the database when the connection is made.
is the password that will be supplied to the database when the connection is made.


Use db.open-oci11g to create a connection to an Oracle database using an Oracle 11g client installation. The function returns an instance of type db.database.


You must have an Oracle 11g (or higher) client installed on your machine, with SQL*NET configured to locate your Oracle server.

database-name must:

else external exception OMDB501 is thrown.

user-name and password are optional with default values of an empty string. Check what access requirements are needed for the specified database.

Usage Notes

You must have declared a shelf of type db.database to reuse a database connection in other OMDB functions.

This function will throw external exception OMDB501 if there are any OCI errors. The exception will include any error numbers and descriptive text generated by the OCI. Consult your Oracle documentation for further details on the error condition.


Create a connection to an Oracle database named DatabaseDemo via OCI using username charley and password chaplin. This connection can be reused in other OMDB functions.

  import "omdb.xmd" prefixed by db.
     local db.database d
     set d to db.open-oci11g "DatabaseDemo" user "charley" password "chaplin"