last subelement is


Return type:
Returns true if the most recently closed subelement of the qualified element is specified, and false otherwise. Replacing is with isnt will reverse the results.
last proper? subelement (of element-expression)? (is | isnt) (element-name | element-name-list)


last subelement is is an element test that evaluates to true if the name of the most recently closed subelement is given in the test's list of element names.

When the keyword proper is specified, the last subelement is test ignores included elements. If all of the subelements of the referenced element have been included elements, then the test will fail.

When the last subelement is test is applied to the current element from an element rule, it fails if the content has not yet been processed.

When invoked on ancestor elements, the last subelement is test is related to the previous is test.


The following output action is guarded by last subelement with a qualifier. This action will be executed only when the last subelement of the parent element has a status of inclusion:

  output "\par %n" 
     when status of last subelement of parent is inclusion

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