with text-mode (& open-modifier)*


text-mode (buffered | unbuffered)? data-source


The default mode for OmniMark processing. Use it to process documents in a text format, as opposed to a binary structure (binary-mode).

Different operating systems have different newline sequences in text files. To make programs uniform across platforms, OmniMark automatically converts between the system-specific newline sequence and OmniMark's internal representation (a single line-feed character (ASCII 10)). Using a single character makes the sequence easier to manipulate, especially in patterns. By using the same character on all systems, OmniMark programs are made more portable.

To achieve platform uniformity, the system-specific newline sequence is translated into a single line-feed when files are read in text-mode. When writing files in this mode, the reverse translation is automatically done. This behavior can corrupt binary data, so the binary-mode modifier is provided to specify that no such translation be done.

text-mode is the default unless the deprecated newline declaration is used.