with binary-mode (& open-modifier)*


binary-mode (buffered | unbuffered)? data-source


Causes data to be written to the file in "binary mode". This means that no translation is done to newline characters; each character is written "as is" to the file.

This modifier is effective only on streams attached to files.

The following code reads the contents of the binary file "source.txt" into a buffer attached to "raw-text":

  local stream raw-text
  set raw-text to binary-mode file "source.txt"

In the following code, the binary-mode declaration is used to specify that stream "f" contains binary rather than text data.

  declare #main-output has binary-mode
     local stream f
     open f with binary-mode as file "f.txt"

binary-mode is the default input mode for UNIX platforms. Non-UNIX platforms use text-mode as the default input mode.