marked-section rcdata


marked-section rcdata condition?


A rule that is triggered by the presence of an RCDATA marked section in the input document.

If there is an applicable marked-section rcdata rule, that rule determines the processing of the text within the marked section.

If there is no marked-section rcdata rule to process an RCDATA marked section, the resulting text of the marked section is treated the same way as ordinary data content.

  • If no marked-section rcdata rule is performed on an RCDATA marked section, then the text in the section is processed as part of the data content.
  • If an OmniMark program contains no marked-section rcdata rules, then the text within all RCDATA marked sections is treated as if the marked section didn't exist.
  • Only one marked-section rcdata rule may be selected for an RCDATA marked section. If there is more than one, each must have a condition to ensure that only one can be selected.