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More about OmniMark

DITA accelerator

View Roy Amodeo's presentation, Accelerating DITA with OmniMark, that was delivered at the XML-in-Practice 2008 conference in December 2008

Announcing OmniMark Version 12

What's New in OmniMark 12
Find out what's new in the latest release of OmniMark

What's Fixed in OmniMark 12
Read about the error corrections we've made in the latest release of OmniMark

Backwards Compatibility
A description of language changes that affect backwards compatibility, since V2

Documentation for OmniMark 12
Complete documentation for the current version of OmniMark

OmniMark User Group

OMUG-L Information
Find out more about the OmniMark User Group


Building Markup Pipelines with OmniMark v9 and later
The main feature of OmniMark 9 is markup event streaming. This article by Roy Amodeo and Mario Blažević describes how to make modular OmniMark programs using pipelines made up of reuseable markup processing components.

Upgrading Legacy Programs to OmniMark 9 and later
Roy Amodeo explains how simple it is to migrate your legacy applications to the current version of OmniMark

Grammar-driven Markup Generation
This paper by Mario Blažević defines the concept of grammar-driven normalization of incomplete instances, sketches its implementation for RELAX NG schema and XML documents, and presents an example of its practical use for automated document conversion.

Applying Structured Content Transformation Techniques to Software Source Code
Roy Amodeo shows how to achieve considerable benefits by applying legacy document conversion techniques to software programs.

Composable Templates
Mario Blažević demonstrates how using the same markup data model for both input and output of a template leads to simple and powerful template language design.

Literate Programming in OmniMark
Jacques Légaré demonstrates how to write an OmniMark program for a human reader as well as a computer

Streaming Component Combinators
Mario Blažević presented this paper at Extreme Markup 2006 in Montréal

XQuery, XSLT, and OmniMark: Mixed Content Processing
Kirill Lisovsky collaborated in writing this paper, published at

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