Library: CGI programming support (OMCGI)

define function cgiGetQuery
  into write-only string query-shelf

Argument definitions

A string or stream shelf of variable size.


The cgiGetQuery function retrieves data sent to your program using either the GET or POST method, decodes the data, and puts the decoded data on a keyed string shelf of name/value pairs. The key of the shelf item is the name of the data field, and the shelf item's value is the value of that data field. Declare the shelf you want the query-string values placed on as variable. For example:

     declare #process-input has unbuffered
     declare #process-output has binary-mode
     include ""
        local string input-data variable
        cgiGetQuery into input-data

For your CGI program to retrieve the input data sent by the web server, you must declare #process-input as unbuffered. If you do not, on some systems your CGI program will hang.

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