Library: File system utilities (OMVFS)
Import : omvfs.xmd

Returns: the VFS directory connected to the location containing file if file was opened using an URL

export external directory function file-directory
        of      value file file-ref

Argument definitions

The vfs.file object for which you want the directory name.


You can use vfs.file-directory to create a vfs.directory object representing the file managed by a vfs.file object. This functionality is chiefly useful when dealing with network resources accessed via a protocol such as HTTP or FTP. These protocols will be supported in a later version of the OMVFS library.

The following program opens a file using a vfs.file object and then uses vfs.file-directory to create a vfs.directory object for the directory that contains the file. It then prints the name of the directory using vfs.directory-name.

  import "omvfs.xmd" prefixed by vfs.
     local vfs.file foo
     local vfs.directory dir
     set foo to vfs.open "file:/c:/temp/bar/bar.txt"
     set dir to vfs.file-directory of foo
     output vfs.directory-name on dir


The following exceptions may occur: