Library: File system utilities (OMVFS)
Import : omvfs.xmd

Returns: a VFS file object for the opened file

export external file function open-file-system
                value string filename
        on      value directory on-dir optional
        for     value integer access-type optional initial {read-mode}

Argument definitions

The path to the file to be opened.
A connected vfs.directory object. If this parameter is specified the filename parameter is interpreted relative to the vfs.directory and must be expressed as a relative URL.
An integer constant signifying the desired mode of access. The default value is vfs.read-mode.


You can use vfs.open-file-system to open a file. vfs.open-file-system creates a vfs.file object that represents the file, and which can be used with various OMVFS functions to manipulate the file.

You may specify the mode in which the file is opened. The default mode is read mode. The following modes are available:

This function is identical to vfs.open except that non-file URLs are not supported.


The following exceptions may occur: